Welcome to Ozzie's portfolio.

Thanks for taking the time to review my portfolio. I've put all my efforts to create my portfolio and extra effort to design something special that communicates the intended message. As graphic designers, we intend to keep the audience amazed and informed. I've have enjoyed a background in commercial and residential construction, architecture, real estate, oil industry, lead generation, web design and financial businesses. I can provide assistance and answers for design solutions. You can review my resume here. Please contact me if you have any questions.

I credit all my clients and co-workers and companies that have helped my achieve in these fields and build my portfolio, Thank you.

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Logos & Identities

This area of design involves much brainstorming, concepts and sketches. The end result is the effective product of branding for generations to come.

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Web Pages/Sites Creations

Curiosity, questioning, critique, and creativity mixed with initiative were the ingredients to produce these great websites. Here's where I interview my clients the most.

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Architectural Designs

3D Architectural Renderings using floor plans and blueprints: These are fun and exciting because I'm required to bring an idea to life just like the rest of my designs but the credit goes to the architects!

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Large Scale & Exhibit

Large scale design and printing including exhibit mock-ups and trade booth displays in the approach to facilitate communications. This is truly the most time-consuming, costly and exciting of my design projects but an honor to work with pros in the business.

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Hand drawn and vector art. These are the fundamental grounds of all design for endless possibilities.

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Book & Package Design

I believe in the connection between one and the substance of paper. It is the touch of organic with organic and the desire to never let go of such experience. That is why I enjoy a great book design and product brand package design.

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Marketing Materials & Promos

Essential marketing materials such as flyers, business cards, brochures on paper form and web form including SEM materials. Design intended for its targeted audience with an appealing and clear message.


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Logos & Identities

Websites and Maintenance

3-D Architectural Design

Photo Restoration

Business Cards and Stationery

Store Front Banners & Signs

Icons Design

Documents Creation and Modification

Mobile Application Design

User Interface Design

Large Scale Displays

Photography Session

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